Aldo Disorbo Describes Problems and Rewards of Running a Family-owned Business

UntitledAccording to business owner Aldo Disorbo, starting a business with a family member may sound like a dream job, but it can also be complicated. A family-business owner himself, Disorbo understands that a family-run business has a unique set of challenges that other business owners don’t have to face. Below, Disorbo explains the advantages and disadvantages of working within a family environment while maintaining professionalism.

According to Aldo Disorbo, every family business faces key challenges. In addition to running a successful business, family-business owners are challenged by changes in ownership and management for the next generation. Because of family dynamics, individuals may find it more difficult to work together successfully.

A longtime business owner, Aldo Disorbo is no stranger to this problem. Sometimes we take family members for granted because we spend so much time together, says Disorbo. It’s easy to forget that they’ll put up with cranky moods in ways other people might not. This can become a problem with family or with other employees who feel awkward seeing this behavior, he adds. The answer is to remain objective about the needs of the family business.

In his current position as the owner of Nationwide Relocation Services, a brokerage company that facilitates the moving process for individuals and families in need, Aldo Disorbo chooses wisely when it comes to employees. He looks for an employee who is hardworking, compliant, follows instructions, but also remains independent and thinks outside of the box.

Disorbo finds authenticity as one of the greatest benefits when it comes to family business. It’s an environment where all participants can be completely honest with each other. The family laughs and yells a lot, but it helps the business thrive, says Disorbo.

Aldo Disorbo has included real family members in his business, and even let his brother take over American Van Lines in the past. After all these years, he sees his family as his greatest competitive gain.

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