Aldo Disorbo Offers Advice for Saving Money on a Move

aldo-disorbo-saving-moneyAs an expert in the moving industry, Aldo Disorbo knows a few key techniques for helping clients to save money throughout the moving process. His first recommendation is to ask family members and friends for tape guns, sturdy boxes and other important moving supplies. By acquiring these items from loved ones, clients avoid spending too much of the budget before the move has even begun. Aldo Disorbo offers a few other suggestions gleaned from his years of experience.

  • Sheets and towels can serve as padding for fragile and valuable items, according to Aldo Disorbo. Certain items may require bubble wrap.
  • Try an online box estimator for figuring out how many cardboard boxes are necessary for the move. Many moving companies allow clients to return unneeded boxes after the completion of a project.
  • If the movers are disassembling pieces of furniture, make sure to hold all hardware and screws in a plastic bag, says Aldo Disorbo. Otherwise these pieces may be difficult to locate at the new location.
  • Available free at the grocery store and other shops in the local community, plastic bags work especially well for padding items and offering a layer of protection when transporting fragile items.
  • Use newspaper for an extra level of padding and packing around items and at the bottom of cardboard boxes.
  • Movers typically value a client’s items at the rate of 60 cents for each pound. Aldo Disorbo recommends reading the homeowner’s policy and inquiring about the potential for added insurance on more valuable items.
  • Make a basket full of items that can be used to clean the old apartment or house prior to departure. By keeping this basket out until the last minute, it will also be available to unpack first in the new location.